9 August 2020

Motorbike ride to Ellijay

It was a roundtrip of 125 miles thru backroads and rural roads in North Georgia with John Moore. It was a rather hot day but Ellijay was in its charming best. I highly recommend Emily’s Bar and Restaurant. Great food (and great presentation – something you won’t expect in small towns) and a lot of space to sit outside in covered areas.

John, of course, was as funny as ever. But the best part was our discussions around cultures in America, Europe, India and Kenya. (His wife is from Kenya and he has a great understanding of a lot of the ethos and ethics there – that most tourists won’t get). One very interesting turn of discussion was the role of economic progression in the decline of certain kind of cultural behaviors – e.g. respect for the elders (or even elderly parents).

John is a great guy to hang around with. Riding bikes to do the hanging around is an even better icing on the cake!!

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