8 July 2020

Alls well that ends well

Last evening, Sharmila and I headed out to have a drink by the lake. We thought we would try out Allatoona Lake for a change. Half way thru the drive, I was checking the GPS to make sure I was headed the right way when I realized that the restaurant by the lake was closed on Tuesdays.

We were within 10 minutes of Woodstock downtown and there is a bar there I have wanted to try out for quite some time. We were soon there. It is a bar (Rootstock and Vine) on the rooftop overlooking the main intersection of Woodstock downtown. It was great weather – cloudy, cool and breezy. There was enough social distancing and masks around. I would wear it only when I had to talk to Nicole and Abby who were serving us. It would have been disastrous if I tried drinking wine while having the mask on, needless to say.

The picture does not do a good job of capturing the beauty of sitting out in open air on a rooftop overlooking cars and passersby below while sipping some Pinot Noir.

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