2 July 2020

Fireflies galore!!

When we first moved into our property thirteen years back almost to this day, the daughters (they were barely nine and three then) and we were fascinated by the multitude of fireflies in the forest. We had not yet put in any of outside lights or structures yet – so it used to be a panoply of ephemeral fluorescent dots darting across a impenetrably dark backdrop.

For the sound effect, there used to be the constant drone of crickets all over us. All we would do is just grab a couple of chairs and immerse ourselves in raw nature.

Last evening, I took the dog out for a walk. It was getting dark already. And as I walked up to our gate, we saw a familiar scene from yesteryears again. Of course, the fireflies come every summer. It is just that something called life has rudely interjected my routine. Stood there watching the fireflies and took a short video.

The dog eventually got impatient and insisted on going out of thee property for his walk!

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