14 June 2020

Have you ever wondered what morality is all about?

Great evening with Dipanjan, Parijat and Sharmila yesterday. We were at the Union restaurant – sitting outside and enjoying the evening.

Given all that is happening around us, of course a lot of the discussions were around BLM, the history of slavery and what our community (Bengalis in Atlanta) are doing or (more importantly) not doing for the cause.

From that discussion on why as a community, we do – or not do something, the topic veered to that of morality. That is where the evening got really interesting. I had not thought about this topic much. But some of the conversations were deeply intriguing and somewhat disturbing too! Sharmila took through a couple of examples. For example, if you could prevent a train from having a wreck and potentially save five lives in it – but know for sure, one person down the track is going to die, would you do it?

Do numbers trump in morality questions?

Now, what if that one person was your child? Does your answer change? Mine did!!

So, clearly morality is relative even for one individual!

Again, I found the overall discussion raising a lot of intellectual curiosity. I think I am going to line up a couple of books or literature to read up on… moment I have finished with my CSS and PHP classes though!

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