14 June 2020

Do you think they knew we were watching them?

Nikita and I have started a project. The colorful birds are coming in but they are very skittish. If we sit anywhere within 10 yards to watch them, they tend to fly away.

So, we are trying out something different. We set up my iPhone very close to one of the bird feeder. (you can see it on the left top picture). And then started streaming the camera to my laptop using a handy app.

Then sitting in the kitchen, we checked out all the birds on our screen!! We did not even have to go out.

We need to improve from here. For one, the camera needs to be lower. For another, I need to get the zoom going…

Here is a funny thing… Every time a bird appeared on the screen, both of us would involuntarily start talking in hush hush voices. And then would laugh out realizing the mistake we were making…

Posted June 14, 2020 by Rajib Roy in category "Images

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