17 May 2020

Memorable 150 mile ride

Woke up after the party last night a little tired. In fact, I was wondering whether to go out for a ride at all. I am glad I decided to soldier it on. “PoshGoonda” Rakesh Rao had planned a great route to a great destination. We landed up having lunch sitting by the river watching folks canoe and raft by on the Big Creek in a very small town in the Blue Ridge Mountains called Aska.

Avi was the steady sweep behind all the time to make sure nobody was left behind. Which in this case, means really me – since it was three of us who hit the mountain trails today.

I am most glad that I was able to do all those left and right turns in the mountains without making a single mistake.

All that said, the butts are really really sore 🙁

Posted May 17, 2020 by Rajib Roy in category "Motorbiking

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