8 May 2020

On this Rabindra Jayanti evening…

This is a classic from 1888, I believe.

“Amaro porano jaha chaay
Tumi tai, tumi tai go
Toma chhara aar e jogotey
Mor keho nai, kichu nai go

Tumi sukho jodi nahi pao
Jao sukhero sondhaney jao
Ami tomarey peyechhi hridoyo majhe
Aaro kichu nahi chai go

Aami tomaro birohey rohibo bilino
Tomatey koribo bash.
Dirgho diboso dirgho rojoni
Dirgho borosho maash.

Jodi aaro kaarey bhalobaso
Jodi aaro phirey nahi aaso
Tobey tumi jaha chao tai jano pao
Aami joto dukhho pai go…”

My scholarly Bengali friends can do a better job in translating this for non-Bengali readers, but here is a shot…

“What my heart has always sought
You are just that, veritably so
Bereft of you, in this world
I have no one; truly, I have nothing

If (however) you don’t find happiness here
Go forth, seek your happiness elsewhere
I have found you in my heart
I do not need anything else

Yes, I will be forlorn in your absence
But I know I will live within you
Every single long day and night
Every single long month and year

If you find love in somebody else
If you never come back again to me
Then be it that you get all you have sought
No matter how much I hurt here”

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