3 May 2020

A little more progress

Like I mentioned before, being short by a wheel is no fun. Yesterday, I was finally able to repeat the simple act of stepping on to the unicycle with my left foot, putting my body weight on it and swinging the right foot to the front of the unicycle and get off. In normal life, it won’t be that easy for a learner. I used a prop so that the uni could not move backwards.

The Youtube video suggested doing this many many times and then try to tap the right pedal with right foot before getting off. This part is very tricky since while tapping, if I managed to put any pressure, the wheel would move forward and fall under me. And that is exactly what happened once.

Finally, I was able to do the right foot touch right pedal routine once.

The biggest achievement for me though was that I put the helmet the proper way this time 🙂

On an aside, do you remember how, in January, I had gotten out of Doha airport for an hour to meet my friend Natasha Balseca? And I met her mother Gina who was visiting her from Ecuador?

Well, I found out that she is also learning how to ride a unicycle during this stay-at-home period. I think she is way advanced than me at this point. But I might have somebody who can give me company in learning this and some pointers as a recent learner!

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