8 March 2020

It was a full moon that night too!!

Tonight is full moon. In India we celebrate Holi – the festival of colors. The moon looks beautiful if you step out and see it. I mentioned to Sharmila – “The full moon looks perfect tonight”. She laughed out aloud. It took me a second or two to understand why would anybody laugh at a beautiful full moon. I have to take you to a post from over six years back to get the context…. Reproduced from January 7, 2014.

Last night Sharmila and I were in bed watching a sitcom on TV before going off to sleep when I noticed something small and shiny thru the master bedroom windows in the trees. I was trying to figure out whether it was a reflection of a light inside our house that I was seeing on the window or was it moonlight shining on some ice formation on the twigs. I straightened up and asked Sharmila – “Is that the moon”? And then for good measure threw in “Or is that your face”?

You know you have been married for twenty one years by how romantic values cede precedence to practical values. Sharmila looked at my face and the direction in which I was looking and then looking outside, said “What do you mean? How can my face be over there?”

I almost fell off my bed, guffawing! 🙂

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