27 January 2020

Guess who I met in Kolkata airport?

I got to know Anzee when she worked in ITC Hotel (I used to be a regular there before they built the Westin close to the airport). Anzee eventually left the job and moved on.

I know the particular place she worked in the international terminal. I check in that shop every time I am here. Most of the time she works during the day and I am here for an early morning flight and therefore miss her.

There was the one time that Sharmila and I were traveling with the family and we managed to meet her.

Today, I lucked out. She was working at night instead of day shift. It was great seeing her after such a long time and got a chance to catch up with her and her family.

(She, by the way, is from Darjeeling – which is famous for tea and also where my sister spent early part of her married life)

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