26 January 2020

Of palindromes, death and girlfriends!!

Back in Kolkata after a few hours of visiting my parents. My brother in law and nephew were already waiting for me. We went up to the lounge and had a great time catching up. Usually my nephew does not talk much. I think I was able to get him to open his mouth by first giving him a math puzzle. (Like his dad, he is a nerd). He felt comfortable enough to ask me how to manage his time. Apparently, he is not being able to cope with all his studies and all that.

Wrong move!! You do not ask your soon-to-be-54 uncle about time. Not this uncle, at any rate. I don’t think he knew what hit him when I started with the old Latin phrase “Memento Mori” (Remember, you will die). Certainly, my brother in law started downing his wine much faster!!

Long story short, by the time I was done with our chat, my famously reticent nephew and I were discussing how he could ask a girl from his class out!! My brother in law was drinking up faster than you could cry “Uncle”!!!

So much so, by the time the evening was done and it was picture time, my brother in law sat on the sofa hand rest instead of in the sofa!! 🙂

BTW, Sous Chef Susanta Dey and visiting chef Shabbir had cooked up an impressive Hyderabadi dinner for us!

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