25 January 2020

What a difference two countries make…

My previous post was a great example of what a difference two countries make. Having made it to America (Citibank transferred me and my wife to the USA back in 1993), we have been able to settle there and create a platform of financial security not only for our own family but also for our extended family in India. We have a great sense of gratitude for what USA, my previous company and sheer luck has done for us.

Today was another powerful example of what a different two countries can make.

My sister has a house help at her place. That help recently had a granddaughter. That grand daughter has Downs Syndrome and is a constant feature at my sister’s place. My sister pretty much bathes her, feeds her and takes care of the kid all the time. It is like she has adopted her full time. (BTW, my niece – sister’s daughter – is actually adopted). And yet, for all the love the kid gets, it is a little jarring what little access to medical services she has. I cannot say with authority how much of it is sheer money versus advancement of medical technology here. But I can certainly say that another kid back in my neighborhood in Atlanta – born to none other than to a close friend of Sharmila and me from Durgapur is being brought up just like any other kid. Of course, at certain times special services are required – but then again, which kid does not?. They are no different than any other kid – deserving of all the love and attention from all adults.

Had a great time with Shristi – the constant feature at my sister’s place this afternoon…

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