20 December 2019

Nothing beats a Friday evening like this…

First time I heard this song was about 20 years back. I was mesmerized by the tune as well the voice of the singer. Initially, I had the impression that this was a Kashmiri song. Much later I realized that the language is mostly Punjabi with some mixture of Dogri words, I believe. The voice of Hadiqa Kiani – from Pakistan – is absolutely sterling. The depth of her voice as well as her ability to move thru the notes is captivating. I will be remiss if I did not mention that the use of flute in this song is wonderful. The flute is the most appropriate instrument to emphasize the melancholic tune.

“Boohey barian
Ena lee kanda tap key,
Awa gi hawa ban key,
Boohey barian… hayee,
Boohey barian

Chand charayaan tey,
Saray looki pey takday,
Dongay paniyaan chey fer,
Deeway pae jalday”

I am not sure of all the words… but I believe she is referring to doors and the windows in the first sentence and telling her lover to come thru doors, windows and walls. Waft in like the wind to my presence, I believe is what she is saying. The last part is completely beyond me. I know Chand means moon. Is Dongay a boat? Paniyaan is water, I am fairly sure. I will leave you to reconstruct the meaning in your imagination…

Maybe somebody who understands Punjabi or Dogri can help out?

Posted December 20, 2019 by Rajib Roy in category "Music/Poetry

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