27 November 2019

Bar with a long history…

2004: at this bar in Lisbon on a Saturday evening, I was all by myself. The bartender had introduced me to a liqueur – Licor Beirao. Fell in love with it. Bought a couple of bottles from the airport and took them home.

Sharmila and I love this aniseed based drink (less sweeter and less kick than a Sambuca)

2009: Sharmila’s 40th birthday! We came to this bar again in Lisbon and started the evening with a Licor Beirao!

2019: Today, 10 years and a few wrinkles later, Sharmila and I came back yet again to the same bar. To kick off her 50th birthday, I started with the same drink. She started with a vodka. (We had way too much of Licor Beirao in the Azores).

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