25 November 2019

We reached a “tipping” point

There was this room inside the “Fabriea de Chai Gorreana” where a few ladies were separating tea leaves. I was not sure how genuine they were. I remember in Bali, they had these completely make believe activities going on to show as if they were the real deal. They were not. They were not acting it out…

Here, this room was in a complete corner and there was no guide – you just go around as you want. On the other hand, there was no earnestness with which these ladies were working. So, I could not come to a full conclusion.

They had no issues when I asked if I could take a picture. In fact, they did not even look at me. There was that tip jar though…. I put an euro in it and a small note saying “With a spot of milk”. I still think that is the best tip when it comes to drinking tea.

Posted November 25, 2019 by Rajib Roy in category "Vacations

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