5 October 2019

Deep thoughts

Last night, I was listening to Ataullah Khan’s rendition of “Idhar Zindagi Ka Janaza Uthega”. It is a beautiful poem written from the point of view of the man who realizes that the lady he loves is getting married to somebody else that night.

And I realized that most of the ghazals and qawwalis (or a large fraction of them at least) are about unrequited love.

In the Western world, it happens differently:
Man loves woman.
Woman does not return the love.
Man moves on to next woman.

But from the subcontinent I come from, it is like:
Man loves woman.
Woman does not return the love.
Man sits down to write a poem!!


Posted October 5, 2019 by Rajib Roy in category "Humor


  1. By Rakesh Rao on

    Man writes poem.
    Another man reads poem.
    Man writes a story.
    Another man reads story.
    Man writes a script.
    Another man reads the script.
    Man makes a movie.
    Man who wrote the poem,
    Regrets writing the poem.

  2. By Anonymous on

    It doesnt end with a poem. It is just the beginning. He then takes to alcohok and becomes an alcoholic to the point that there is no return. Later he dies.


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