15 July 2019

Family Reunion. Of sorts!

On Friday, after having dinner in Gastonia, NC, we decided we were tired. Booked a hotel in Charlotte about 30 minutes away and called it a day. Next day, we got started at 10am and then kept climbing up I-95 one state at a time. Every two and a half hours of drive, we took a break to relax at a Starbucks or have lunch and all that. Finally when we were an hour away from Washington DC – which is where I was targeting to stay the night, we realized that the roads were a mess. It was around 6 in the evening and all roads around DC were parking lots.

We got off 95 and headed towards Baltimore on 301 bypassing DC altogether. After driving thru some beautiful rural country, eventually, we got near Baltimore and we thought we had some more energy left. Booked a hotel in Wilmington, DE and crossed one last state border for the day. That was a marathon 12 hours on the road.

The good news was that it left only around 6 more hours to be driven the next day. Even better news was that we would be going thru New York! Guess who came out of the city to have lunch with us in a restaurant off I-95 in Secaucus? That was a family reunion of sorts!!! I think the last time the Roy family got together was after Natasha came back from Ghana last year!

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