9 February 2019

How much do we spend on insomnia?

I was reading this book last night – Wisdom 2.0 – and came across a data that caught me by surprise. It is the amount Americans spend on fighting sleeplessness. To follow up, did some snooping around this morning to get some more data. Turns out we are spending somewhere around $50B on drugs and medicine every year to stave off insomnia. Consumer Reports has some informative articles on this.

To get a perspective on that number – that is $150 per year per man, woman and child in this country! Enough to make me lose sleep right now!!

On the other hand, maybe that is where we should take $5B from and give it to Trump to build the wall. Maybe we should stay sleepless. We are the ones who elected him, right? 🙂

Posted February 9, 2019 by Rajib Roy in category "Musings

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