8 February 2019

Meeting our local star from Atlanta

Business found me in Baltimore today. As the Lyft driver kept cruising along, I suddenly realized that we were going past Johns Hopkins University. I knew two students there. In fact, I took a picture and sent it to both their dads. Later, texted one of those students if she had some free time in the afternoon. She gave me a time frame. She thought we were going to talk. In the past, we have talked a couple of times over the phone about subject selection, peer pressure in college and all that.

Once my meetings started wrapping up, I realized that I had about 45 minutes to an hour tops to spare and would still be able to catch my flight. So I texted her “Meet me at the library”. Guess who was surprised to know that I was in Baltimore?

Had a great lunch together. Got to know a lot about her college life and we talked a little about how perspectives in life change over the years.

It was great to see you Paroma! Thoroughly enjoyed the discussion.

Posted February 8, 2019 by Rajib Roy in category "Intersection Points


  1. By Samaresh on

    Love this post. Thanks for your effort to meet her there. Your mentorship helped her a lot.


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