29 December 2018

Some quality time with my brother in law

When I am in Kalyani, I rarely get a chance to have a lot of time solely with my brother in law. First, more often than not, my brother is with us. As is my sister. This time though, my brother is away in Delhi for work and my sister is down with back spasms.

That gave me a rare opportunity to get some quality time with my brother in law. He is a rock solid support for my dad. My dad gets to see him everyday. Add to that the fact that he is a doctor. For my dad, he is the son that he has grown to rely on every single day.

Spent a lot of time talking to him this time. Over a lot of fluids. If it was daytime, it was over tea. If after sunset, it was over some sort of liquid which had OH molecules!! While not much of an alcohol drinker, Asok kept up with his usual habit of giving us company while drinking. Usually a spoonful of alcohol with three bottles of soda and some sugar to boot… but he insists on giving company.

He is fun to have around…

Also, very handy. Every time I go to a medical store, I introduce myself as Dr. Asok’s brother in law. I am immediately pulled to the front of the queue and also then given a 10% discount!!!

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