22 December 2018

From the bartender’s corner – Mezcal #5: Casamigos

The most famous part of this mezcal is the owner (or rather owners). George Clooney and his friend Randy Gerber runs this place. While they have made Casamigos Tequila for a long time, this is their first foray into Mezcal. The first batch came out barely a few months back.

Casamigos, like most other mezcals, is made from Espadin agave and originate from Oaxaca. It is slow roasted in the pit in the ground for about five days. It is then cooled for a day and then ground to a pulp using the traditional mill wheel (tahona) and a horse. It is then fermented for almost a week and finally distilled in copper pots (twice). After letting it sit for 30 days, water is added to get the proof down – for the batches to be exported to America.

So far, they have released only the joven version. I am sure, in the future the Reposado and Anejo versions will come out too.

This is a lot softer mezcal and has a lot of hints of sweet fruits. Most people in their reviews have not given this mezcal high marks. I actually liked it. It was always great taken straight up – in copitas. It has a very long finish which allows one to slow down the sips and let the drink last for the whole evening.

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