3 June 2018

This friend of mine, Roger, I tell you….

To get the context of this post, I have to assume you have read a previous post titled “And he thought he can one up on me” from May 30th.

We were sitting by the Bayanzag cliffs. We had already downed a couple of glasses of wine. So, I may or may not have been talking too much…

Roger, took one long sip from his glass and yelled “WHO-TO”. For a second, I was wondering “what the heck? Is he trying to experiment with echoes in the cliff?”

Then I realized the faux pas he had made with “To Who” before trying to understand how to say “shut up”. (And this is where the context of the previous event helps).

In a few seconds, both Sara and I realized what was going on…

After I had picked myself up from the ground, I asked – “Did you mean, To Who?”.

Anguished by his self inflicted defeat one more time, Roger sheepishly asked “I can’t even recall my mistakes correctly, can I?”

No. You can’t, Roger Whitney.

And that is a good thing about you!!! 🙂

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