24 May 2018

You thought you did not know about Mongolia?

Try this…

Roger and I are at the check in counter of Turkish Airlines who are taking us to Istanbul, then Bishkek and finally Ulanbaatar. Here is the conversation I had with the lady at the counter trying to check us in…

“What is your final destination today?”
“Ulan Baatar”
“Ulan Baatar”
“Where is that?”
“Mongolia, ma’m”
“Do you have a visa?”
“US Citizens do not need visa for 90 days, ma’m”.

I turned back at Roger who had this “You-do-not-know-Ulan-Baatar?but-you-promised-to-take-us-there” look on his face.

We finally cleared security, sat down with a glass of wine each and had a hearty laugh over the whole incident.

It has certainly further lowered our expectations from Mongolia. Something tells me that is a good thing!!

Posted May 24, 2018 by Rajib Roy in category "Vacations

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