29 April 2018

Interesting roadblocks…

Within half a mile of my run this morning, I came across this huge tree that had fallen across the trail. Was wondering what to do when two more runners cane along. One had a bright idea – let’s see if we can get around it. So, we entered the woods on the left and walked along the creek there for a few feet and then got back on the trail. It was pretty cool going into unchartered territories.

Couple of miles later, there was another roadblock – the trail was totally flooded. Those two runners had already sped off after the fallen tree and I never saw them again. My only conclusion was that they must have waded thru the water and proceeded on the other side. I was not up to that much of a adventure. So, I simply retraced my path and did a couple of up and down stretches to finish 6.2 miles…

Posted April 29, 2018 by Rajib Roy in category "Running

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