28 April 2018

Sold!! (Reprinted from a few years back)

… for a phone (that too landline) and a car. Those were the demands she had back in Oct 1992 before she would agree to marry me. (To put this in perspective, in those days in the small town we came from, both a phone and a car were novelties and not owned by most). Not one to give in to negotiations too early, I had simple frowned at her. She conceded immediately that it did not have to be very soon – just some time in our married life. I had un-frowned.

Two days later, I told her that we might have to get married earlier – in fact before even she could finish college – and get the passports ready because my company was transferring me to US.

First day, I land in US, my company had a landline and a rental car ready for us.

Easiest sale ever!!


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  1. By Apala Sen on

    This is most cute post of all ..seen this in your previous anniversaries! Love the picture!! Happy Anniversary!!

  2. By Mou Das on

    Happy 25th Sharmila and Rajib. Beautiful picture. I remember this sweet Sharmila. Khub sundoor. Stay blessed always. Wish you many many more years together.

    1. By Raghu Ram on

      Ha ha ha – we crossed that bridge a few years back and i can understand 🙂 🙂 Happy 25th to you and Sharmila!!

  3. By Mark E Meade on

    She was darling then, and even more so now. Looking back, she should have demanded a phone, car, and an agreement that you would ditch those glasses.

  4. By Sandhya Girish on

    Happy Anniversary to both of you Rajib and Sharmila, wish we could have met you too in Cancun! Congratulations on your 25th!

  5. By Moumita Roy on

    Gees! Things people did for landline those days. Well, lucky you! Looks like you guys got your it of silver. Happy Anniversary!!

  6. By Kaushik Roy Chowdhury on

    It is clear that you were a formidable negotiator since early days! I must learn that “frowning” move from you next time we meet. It may serve me both at home and office…

  7. By Indu Godura on

    Sorry Rajib,I had been missing your blogs.Belatedly though my heartiest congratulations on completing 25 years of happy married life.God bless you with many more happy years of togetherness!


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