24 April 2018

“Oh! And one more thing….”

(Sorry Steve Jobs, for borrowing your line)

Apart from reliving all those memories from childhood – school friends, their parents, domestic help, mom’s sister… I did one more thing. Most of you in US will not be able to relate to this but one of our favorite comic books in India used to be Asterix. Originally written by Goscinny and illustrated by Uderzo (both from Belgium), this comic series is best appreciated with some knowledge of Shakespearian English and a rough idea about the Roman Empire. A little knowledge of Latin would make it perfect!

The puns are to die for!

“Vini, Vidi, Vibuci”, Julius Caesar exclaimed as he saw the tiny village of Gaul beat the heck out of his famed Roman army. If you are used to the “Vidi, Vidi, Vici – I came, I saw I conquered” line, there is a helpful translation of the line in the comic below the picture which reads – “I came, I saw, I could not believe my eyes”!!

Of course, how can one forget the nomenclature?

The Norman guys’ names always ended with “af” – Telegraf, Autograf, Timandahalf! The twin brothers on the ship? Firsthaf, Secondhaf!!!

The Romans’ (who were cast as villains) names always ended with “us” – commander of the army – Nefarius Purpus!!

And the indomitable Gauls had the “ix” suffix – Asterix, Obelix, the druid who made their potion – “Getafix”, the ironsmith of the village “Fuliautomatix”, the fish monger (who somehow always had rotten fish to sell) “Unhygenix”. The chief of the village? “Vitalstatistix”.

But the cream of the cream was the name of the wife of the chief of the village (who used to always nag him). Her name was simply “Impedimenta” 🙂

Managed to get the whole series of 36 comic books from India this time. (including the versions written by Ferri and illustrated by Conrad later). The suitcase was heavy as heck but it was totally worth it!!

Now you will excuse me if I do not surface for a few days.

(Vikram Das, we got to exchange notes sometime!!!)

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  1. By Vikram Das on

    Hmm enlarged the picture and it appears I am missing a few of these, we should catch up and chat on these, nice collection. Well worth the weight of your suitcase.

    1. By Rajib Roy on

      I have the Tintin collection too. It is not as cerebral as Asterix. Although the twins Thompson and Thomson have their moments…. e.g. on the phone:
      “Yes, Yes, this is Thompson with a “p” as in psychology” and the other one goes..
      “And this is Thomson without a “p” as in Venezuela”


      1. By BM on

        Amazon has them too if you want a quick buy. They are in single(just like the ones we are used to) and 3-in-1 omnibus type (economical but I like the single better).

  2. By Rajib Roy on

    Added to the post:
    While I did not mean this to be exhaustive set of names, Rupa and Jhinuk are absolutely right that I should have mentioned the bard “Cacofonix” (nice!!) and of course the dog – what else but “Dogmatix”.

    On that front there was this really old guy in the village – “Geriatrix”. That was not the whole funny part. He had a very beautiful and young wife. Her name was “Panacea”!! Goscinny and Uderzo was nothing if not the funniest guys around!!

    1. By Rajib Roy on

      ah! I am mixed up then. Which means I have to start reading them!! Was panacea the girl Tragicomix was pursuing?

    2. By Padma Lakshman on

      She was Soporifix’s daughter, engaged (and later married) to Tragicomix, but I believe Obelix had a semi-crush on her as well.


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