20 April 2018

Can you spot them all?

How many different modes of land based transport is vying for space in this random road in Kolkata? (Taken from inside my brother’s car on our way to Durgapur)

Posted April 20, 2018 by Rajib Roy in category "Vacations


  1. By Subramanian Subramanian on

    Ha.. I recollect my first trip to Kolkata- a final interview trip from Ahmedabad to Kolkata in 1987. Took a Indian Airlines bus from Dum Dum airport to Indian airlines office. Took a taxi from there to Allenby Road but got struck in traffic jam. Got down and engaged a hand pulled rickshaw who took me to Esplanade metro. Traveled by metro to Rabindra Sadan station. Then an autorickshaw to Allenby Road ! I was left tongue tied after this effort as my Hindi was no good then and Bangla basha was beyond me

  2. By Kisalay Dhar on

    Everyone missed to mention latest addition to this transport system as well as means of abatement of burning problems of unemployment among bengal youths i.e. TOTO plying and causing snarl in traffic


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