23 March 2018

Devinder Kumar!

One of the very few guys that I can claim to have had as a classmate during my engineering days as well as in my MBA days is this gentleman – Devinder Kumar! In fact, we were in the same branch (Computer Science) and same hostel during our engineering days.

Two things I always remember Devinder by – the quietness in his demeanor and that constant smile. Met him today after 27 long years! He was busy with his work day – but was able to come out for half an hour to have a coffee with me.

Caught up with his life after we parted ways in 1991. The crazy part is that he has just not changed in his looks – in spite of all these years!!! Even crazier is that his son studies in Georgia Tech in Atlanta where I live and I had no idea!!!

Posted March 23, 2018 by Rajib Roy in category "Intersection Points


  1. By Roy K. Cherian on

    Thats a good catch Rajib…… good to get Devinder back in the group. You forgot to mention that he was in the same Section in your business school also.


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