17 March 2018

Post bike ride relaxation

As enjoyable as the bike ride was, the sitting by fire with some scotch and wine with the two guys who got me into motorbiking was even more enjoyable. That was almost six hours of discussions on mostly philosophical questions.

The most intriguing topic was “What if you were told that you have one year to yourself – you do not have to worry about family responsibilities, you do not have to worry about work – you got one year to go out in the world and do whatever you want to do – what all would be in your list of things to do and why?”

Undoubtedly made all the more enjoyable for Magesh and Avijit by the fact that I have a throat infection and could not speak a lot 🙂

[In case you were worried, nobody rode after drinking. Their bikes are in our garage and they were dropped home].

Posted March 17, 2018 by Rajib Roy in category "Our Friends


  1. By Magesh on

    The lighting on these photos is very good, RR. Your next calling is waiting.


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