4 March 2018

“Gears and Beers” group ride

120 mile round trip to Amicalola Falls and Back. Great sunshine, beautiful roads. Although we did miss a few turns here and there…

Today it was Magesh, Avijit, Ramesh and myself. (Magesh is missing in the pic since he left early).

Posted March 4, 2018 by Rajib Roy in category "Motorbiking


    1. By Ramesh Mantha on

      I had SUV tires wear out on me at 12000 miles, so I dont trust that correlation. But there is correlation between tire tread depth and traction/grip of tire on the road.

  1. By Dipu Mukherjee on

    Eki ? Eto biker gang formation er dike choleche ei passion ta!!! Don’t cross Texas border because as they say here – Don’t Mess With Texas

    1. By Rajib Roy on

      You have always been one of my biggest supporter, Abhijit! I remember all your encouragement when I first started tracking all our classmates down and I used to get frustrated…

    2. By Abhijit Kumar Mitra on

      Rajib, it’s vice versa. Keep it up dear. I tell about your stories to my family, friends and even my customers. Lot of things to learn from you. We are lucky to have you as our friend /brother. Love you.


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