20 February 2018

The immutable truths of social media

[Yes, this is what I do if it rains when I am supposed to be motorbiking outside 🙂 ]

“Law of first reader advantage” STATES
The reader, upon reading a joke for the first time in his or her life, will immediately conclude that nobody else has ever heard that joke before ever.

“Corollary to the above law” (what is good for the goose is good for the geese) STATES
A reader, upon receiving a joke in one group, will immediately conclude that no other group has ever seen that joke before either.

“Law of overreaction” (Newton was wrong. Reaction is always greater than action) STATES
Upon such conclusion, the reader will venture to remove the world’s ignorance around that joke post haste by posting it to everybody with disproportionate haste.

“Law of false equivalency” STATES
What holds good for jokes holds good for hoaxes too.

“Law of positive correlation” STATES
Everything else remaining the same, more sensational the hoax, more gullible the reader will be. And faster the hoax will be posted to everybody else.

“Law of washing hands” STATES
When pulled up for spreading hoaxes, the reader will simply put a “Forwarded as received” disclaimer. Upon which the “Law of first reader advantage” will kick in.

Care to add some more of yours? 🙂

Posted February 20, 2018 by Rajib Roy in category "Humor


  1. By Marek Cyzio on

    „Law of Alzheimer” – The above mentioned reader assumes all other members of every group he is a part of have advanced stage of Alzheimer’s disease so they don’t remember jokes he forwarded more than 24Hr ago and he can forward them again.

  2. By DrDebarun Dutta on

    “Law of Unproductive Necessity” STATES
    Anyone who has at least once used Social Media becomes addictively unproductive towards the bigger picture in their life, with a few exceptions as is in any law: however, there is always the brighter side like getting a bit relaxed after a workful day and being able to reach likeminded people anywhere anytime!


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