15 February 2018

For the record…

… if you ever find me someday teaching high school students or even middle school students – specifically Maths and/or Physics – you can certainly hold the lady on my right responsible for transgression 🙂

I was in Knoxville for a couple of meetings. Swung by Nivedita-di and Ranjan-da’s house for the first time ever. I am totally glad that I did. The Gangulys are one of those couples that can be great friends with toddlers, teenagers, thirty somethings as well old folks like me with equal amount of ease and grace! Ranjan-da’s humor and passion for art (including some incredible cartoon drawings) is met and matched by Nivedita-di’s, poise, intellect and gravitas.

Ever a cheerleader of the Roy family, Nivedita-di and I actually discussed the possibility of me switching to teaching as I think thru what to do with my career when I get back to working again. I have to say with all due honesty that I am a wee bit tempted!!! Of course, there is always the worry of being the wrong model to highly impressionable kids…

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  1. By Suzanne McBride on

    Are you kidding! Your upbeat and outside the box way of thinking, your skills in unlocking people’s strengths would be exactly what young people need to see at work in their lives

  2. By Nita Ganguly on

    No Rajib I am being absolutely honest about this . I always put my kids first – remember “Teach kids math and science “ NOT “Teach math and science to kids “.You would be a wonderful role model and the passion for your subjects will shine through and engage the students .
    We need that for our students – please consider and if there is anything I can do to help please let me know .

  3. By Ranjan Ganguly on

    Rajib Roy it was a short visit, but we loved it. You got to visit us soon, with Sharmila – and try some of my experimental molecular cuisine.

  4. By Nandita Gurung on

    With your enthusiasm for life n your curiosity u could do anything u set your heart on….Go on give this a try too….I think u would be amazing….


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