4 February 2018

From the bartender’s corner – Death’s Door Rouge Martini

A Rouge Martini is a rather simple cocktail made from gin and Chambord liqueur. I used the Death’s Door Gin today. Like I was surmising yesterday, the simplicity of the gin made it pretty good for a cocktail. The raspberry was not drowned by the junipers or other botanicals. I might increase the gin to liqueur ratio next time (I used 2:1 this time) to let the raspberries be a little more understated. Overall though, for a wet and cold evening, getting ready for the Super Bowl, it was a great drink.

I am sure the experts must be wondering how does the blackberry fit into the scheme of the gin or Chambord. Well, it does not. Ideally, the right garnish would be a raspberry (or a string of raspberries with blackberries). I could swear I had some raspberries in the kitchen. Evidently not. Ergo, just blackberries 🙂 Not sure it did anything to enhance or take away from the nose of the drink but it had a good visual effect, all the same!

Posted February 4, 2018 by Rajib Roy in category "Cocktails


  1. By Avinash Misra on

    Rajib , related topic – while I was in india this December a cocktail theme that I found repeated across the new fusion restaurants was the use of Pan. ( paan – the beetle leaf ) wondering if any of your creations in the bartenders corner would admit that usage. Here is a pic of a sweet pan blended into vodka and cream , tried it at a restaurant In blr.

  2. By Rajib Roy on

    I actually tried one such in a local bar called Adda in Atlanta. The basic drink is a aniseed infused vodka. So, for example, vodka, soda and sambuca. As a garnish they spread – what do you call that pan masala that they spread – guthka?? – all over a paan leaf and put it in the drink. Most of my friends love that drink. I thought it was good too. But I do have a friend who did not like it at all…

    1. By Avinash Misra on

      Not guthka. It’s gulkandh ( puried rose petals in honey) plus lots of other condiments. Guthka as far as I know is the pan masala with tobacco to be eaten separately.


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