17 January 2018

How a bank cooks its books!

For the life of me, I cannot fathom what a serious sized trailer mounted barbecue grill is doing at the drive up counter in a bank in our vicinity.

I drove around to check it out – and get this – it was locked down to the post there! It was a bank holiday and there was nobody nearby to answer the obvious questions I had!!

Posted January 17, 2018 by Rajib Roy in category "Travelogs


  1. By Vicky Ruffin Cupit on

    Our bank here repoed a golf cart last month and had it chained to a post at the ATM drive… they have repoed motorcycles, tractors, and riding lawn mowers along with cars and trucks and they put them in the downtown extra parking lot.. they have a piece of heavy equipment and 2 18 wheelers at the other location out by highway 75… so … someone may have over extended their appetite….


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