12 January 2018

Beautiful evening

This guy and I go back forty six years – from the time he was born. Born with a lot of complications and almost lost to a virulent attack of jaundice when he was barely a few days old, he was always the “young” one in the house that had to be protected. Somewhere the big brother protective genes had kicked in due to this and all throughout my life, we have been very, very close. We used to write a lot of letters to each other when I left home and then he left home. Now, we talk every single day and almost always we travel together when I am in India.

When we came back from the day trip to Debipur, we realized that dad, mom and the attendant were all sleeping. The evening outside was beautiful. The sun was setting and thru those hazy layers, it looked like a perfect orange orb.

We just sat down with two glasses of wine and enjoyed some quiet time together.

It had been a good day!!

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  1. By Jayeeta Bose on

    One of the best features of your blogs are your family ties. Very reassuring .Not many siblings find time to talk everyday or spend time together!


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