10 January 2018

Curious minds want to know…

I am all for “Swachch Bharat” (Clean India), but I do have a question for the authorities…

Are they seriously under the impression that the people who are forced to relieve themselves outside – the poor who barely have a roof over their head, let alone running water and bathroom facilities – they can actually understand words like “defecation”? 🙂

I am sympathetic to the fact that trying to convey the message thru pictures might be too gross 🙂

Posted January 10, 2018 by Rajib Roy in category "Vacations


  1. By Sourov Chakraborty on

    It is not that they don’t understand defecation.It is not that the poor r not born without shame or humiliation. It is the prevailing environ that compels them to abandon such emotions & activities. The concept of the GOI to set up lakhs of toilets by appealing to the big & medium organisations unfortunately did not yield much result.Actually the people who ve plenty r least bothered for a little amelioration of the hv nots. The shame is there not in the poor defecating in the open

  2. By Kisalay Dhar on

    This type of placard should best be planted by the side of indian railway tract adorn with shanties whose residents have a habit of doing morning defecation in open space hearing the morning whistle of the tardy train


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