5 January 2018

Active Volcano – Mt. Batur!

Today, we went to see one of the two active volcanoes in Bali – Mt. Batur. It took us nearly two and a half hours but we finally reached there. To get a clear view, we went to the northwest side. You can see the “caldera” (the middle portion of the mountain that caved in) that was formed after the 1963 eruption. Most of the lava flowed on this side of the mountain – you can see the black coloration – and killed nearly 1500 people. If you see in a Google map satellite pictures of this mountain, you will see on the other side total green color and a lot of localities.

The last eruption of this volcano was only 7 years back in 2000.

We lucked out with this view. In about fifteen minutes, thick clouds engulfed the whole area and it started raining cats and dogs.

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