23 December 2017

8 slow miles

That was not very enjoyable. But, in all likelihood the last run of the year in USA. I have 3 more miles left to finish off 100 miles every month this year. As has been my practice of the last few years, I will save that milestone For a run with my brother in India when I see him next week.

The weather was gloomy and there was a slight drizzle. I love to run in that kind of weather. But the wooden trail was dangerously slippery. There was overgrown algae after all the damp and wet days of last week and the dead, wet leaves made the wooden trail very treacherous. Every time I tried to pick up speed, I started slipping. One gentleman came crashing down from his bike barely a couple of feet away from me while negotiating a corner. I was pretty sure he would have broken a bone or two. Fortunately, he picked himself up without any help and insisted he did not feel any stinging or intense pain. That was scary though!!!

Now for the last, largely ceremonial milestone run with my brother in India…

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