8 December 2017

“Since we are snowed in”…

That is how she (no point taking names, but let’s say Sharmila, as an example 🙂 ) captioned this picture while posting it in Facebook. In my defense, it was still above freezing temperatures… the water was hot… and don’t forget the all important red wine. That kept me warm too!!

Can I go back to my sleep now? 🙂

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  1. By Rajib Roy on

    When you come out of a hot tub maintained at 102 degrees, your body is fairly warmed up. The humidity is pretty high with all the snowing going on. Which means, there is not going to be much evaporation of the water on your skin – which is what makes you feel cold when you step out wet. Add to that the fact that there was no wind – which increases evaporation and makes you feel colder (wind chill factor). Given the high humidity and no wind, you can step out of a 102 degree water into 32 degree and be out there for a few minutes to dry yourself up and put on the robe. In fact, it was the wet shorts that was most uncomfortable. (The fabric allows for more evaporation than our skin does – making it cold to touch to the skin). Hopefully this explanation helped. (Of course, you do not want to stand out there for a long time – since there will be evaporation that will make you colder and colder).

  2. By Rajib Roy on

    Oh! I missed the sarcasm. Actually, there is physics involved here. There is a BIG difference between 32 degrees (and a little above) and 31 degrees (and a little below). It involves the latent heat required for change of state.


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