3 December 2017

From the bartender’s corner – Gin #26: Harahorn Gin

Here is another interesting gin from an interesting country – Norway!! I was not aware before this that Norway made any gins. In fact, this brand gin has been made for only 2 years (started in 2015). In their second year – 2016, they won the coveted San Francisco World Spirits Competition!

The name is derived from a mountain in the Hemsedal area (he distillery is in Grimstad) but their web site claims that they have been inspired a mythical figure – which looks alike a hare with horns. You can see the picture on the bottle label. As an aside, the word “harahorn” seems almost like the two English words – “hare” and horn” have been put together. Is Norwegian that close to English? I understand all SAS flights serve this gin.

Slightly more potent than standard gin at 46% ABV, this gin has the unique influence of blueberries. Other than the blueberries, it has juniper, of course, and rhubarb, angelica, wild marjoram, orange and bladderwrack (had no idea what this is till I looked it up; pretty interesting medicinal qualities; look it up).

The nose is predominantly juniper and citrusy. The palette is decidedly mellower than most gins. The sweetness of blueberries do a good job of softening the edges of the bitterness in juniper.

I will try some cocktails later with this. Corpse Reviver #2 is top of my list.

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