1 December 2017

Such a dog’s life he leads

I am sure during their annual get together of dogs when they exchange pictures, his friends go “They let you sit on the sofa??” and he would be like “What? I do not even let them put the sofa cover first!!”

Posted December 1, 2017 by Rajib Roy in category "My Family


  1. By Vicky Ruffin Cupit on

    What a pretty picture… I would love to lead your dog’s life just to get to look at this scene every morning…you need to take a picture out of that window so we can see what you see… looks so peaceful… hope you and Sharmila have a great December…

  2. By Al Blake on

    I saw a sign once…”if you don’t want dog hair on your clothes then stay off my furniture” ๐Ÿ™‚


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