19 November 2017

From the bartender’s corner – Bourbon and Honey

You are probably wondering how come I am off gin cocktails. Well, Sharmila and I went to a Cheesecake Factory to wait for Nikita who was spending some time with her friend in the mall next door. This was my first time to a Cheesecake Factory. I was not expecting much at the bar but I was pleasantly surprised.

Of course, first thing I checked was their Gin collection and once I realized they had Hendricks, I was a little more comforted 🙂 It was cold and I wanted to start with a stiffer cocktail. So, I asked for a “Bourbon and Honey” from their menu. Imagine my surprise when the drink came in a martini glass. First time I can recollect having a Bourbon cocktail in a martini glass.

But it tasted pretty good. The bourbon and the bitters were distinctly recognizable but the taste was much softer and mellower. So, I asked the bartender for his secret. She mentioned that it is the house lemon sour.

Next day, I made myself some fresh lemon sour at home. Using her instructions, I boiled water and sugar and stirred till the sugar dissolved. Squeezed a full fresh lemon and half a lime and mixed it in the sugary water. Threw in a couple of ice cubes and stirred till the ice melted.

Some bourbon (Four Roses), honey liqueur (Barenjager) and bitters (Peychaud’s) later, I was able to recreate the “Bourbon and Honey”. Was very enjoyable. Try it sometime at home. If you do, see if you can slap thyme on as a garnish. I did not have any thyme at home.

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