31 October 2017

A little something for me too…

A lot of things were accomplished this trip – the top two missions were to be with dad and mom and also try to meet some old teachers. Could not meet many – actually any – of my old classmates, friends from neighborhood and all that. Although, did get “bhaiphnota” after three and a half decades from my sister.

Finally, it was time to do something just for myself.

After alighting at Frankfurt airport, went to the biggest Duty Free shop and got hold of one of those helpful young gentleman from the store. They had a huge wine and liquor section.

I am nothing if not a bunch of quixotic passions put together. Since gin is my major area of focus this year on the cocktails front (and looking at my inventory, it is promising to go well into next year), I asked him if he could show me some German gin. He got me a bottle of Monkey 47. But I have already gone thru that. He had none other.

Changed my tack – showed him the list of 11 countries that I have gins from.

“If you can get me gins from any country other than these 11, I will buy them”.

We settled for Norway and Japan!!

What can I say? Apparently, I have more “research” in front of me ๐Ÿ™‚

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