29 October 2017

Interesting toll booth receipt!

I was browsing idly the toll receipt that my brother received at the Palsit Toll Booth on the expressway to Durgapur. I had almost thrown it into the glove compartment when something caught my eye. You can see it for yourself the line that caught my eye.

Note that some of the letters had gotten wiped out. But as it stood then, it read

One can guess that the second part is to read “Safe sex is THE key”. The first part was probably “STD” or “HIV” or something like that being fatal.

Once you have gotten past that, you have to ask yourself the question – What the heck is that message doing on a toll booth receipt on the highway? If it is meant for some of the long distance truck drivers (who if I recollect from a research is a segment with high propensity of unsafe sex), I assure you they cannot read English. They cannot even follow far simpler English like “Keep safe distance”, “Stay in your lane” or “No overtaking”.

And you know what was my observation looking at the vehicles on the highway? SPEEDING is fatal. Driving without helmet is fatal. That would be more appropriate message! And safe sex would not help in any of those…

Any opinion why this placement of the message?

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  1. By Sri Ganesh on

    Some of them are written as required under regulations. Examples
    No Horn Please
    Mera Bharat Mahan
    We Two ours Two
    which is now
    We Two ours One
    And recently
    Educate Girl child.

    1. By Rajib Roy on

      We should do some research to see how many truck drivers in India understand the English word “fatal” 🙂

  2. By Bijit Bose on

    Looks to be a paper alignment issue in the printer – I checked mine that I got last week at Palsit – it says AIDS IS FATAL SAFE SEX IS THE KEY


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