19 October 2017

This is the best we have seen him after his brain stroke…

You see my sister looking at dad and laughing her heart out? Well, this has not happened in the last month ever since dad had the medical incident.

To understand what is going on – and remove any doubts that my dad was feeing much better after the walk – first note my mom. I will write about her a little later. But you will notice that she is absolutely exhausted taking care of dad and having to deal with all the visitors (not to forget, she has been a psychiatric patient herself for six years and she is supposed to be sedated most of the day) – and had fallen asleep in her chair as the rest of us were talking.

Let’s go back to why my sister was laughing so much.

My dad – having noticed mom doze off – was imitating how she had slept off in her chair. This, from the guy, who can’t think rationally or speak coherently for more than a few seconds!!!

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    1. By Rajib Roy on

      My dad would have loved seeing you. But as you know he was in hospital dealing with the early hours of lost brain stroke phase…

    1. By Rajib Roy on

      Understood. As I have always maintained – and I wish to hold myself to that standard – Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

  1. By Ramesh Krishnan on

    The cognitive and emotional curcuits are different in the brain. Former uses hypocampus and the latter uses amygdala. That is the reason why genuine smile and the say-cheese smiles are different. One uses emotions and the other cognition.

  2. By Ramesh Krishnan on

    Your dad is using emotional circuit to imitate whereas his speech, memory and executive functions are all cognitive. You can now guess which circuits are affected.


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