8 October 2017

Exploring the island – Quadiriki Cave

I believe the name is an original Aruban Indian one. Like Fontein, this one is also carved in to the limestone rock by the chemical process of calcium carbonate being left over during dissolution and then evaporation giving rise to beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. There are three chambers – although we were allowed to go only to the first two. The third one is blocked off from visitors to protect the bats there.

After you see the first chamber, you have to get to the second chamber by walking thru a very dark passage. But moment you approach the second chamber, you can sense that there is a lot of light there. Which would make you wonder how could light make it all the way there (you are about 150 feet away from the entrance by now). Till you reach the chamber and you lift your head up to realize that erosion has eaten part of the roof off and there is direct sunlight coming in thru the holes!!

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    1. By Rajib Roy on

      I will admit that when I took the picture, I did not realize it might come this well. I was struggling to get the whole perspective into the picture. Which is not easy since I was in a cave and I could not back out wherever I wanted, the lighting was not optimal at all (again, I was in a cave) and Sharmila and Niktia do not like to pose for EVERY picture. So, I think I lucked out on this one. They looking up gives the full message of the picture (the holes in the cave tops) – but that was not staged. I managed to click right when they were looking up.


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