14 September 2017

Signing off in my favorite way…

This week was Quantum Spatial’s Annual Partner Event at the beautiful resort of Osthoff on Elkhart Lake in Wisconsin. As the outgoing CEO, this was one of my last formal duties as the transition to our new leader and my personal friend of three and a half years – Bob Hickey – begins. It was great meeting our partners and thanking them for all the business they enable.

Like I had said during my last year’s event, while I have always enjoyed the formal duties of being a CEO and certainly very proud of what the team has done (some would even suggest – in spite of me 🙂 ) in the last three and a half years, the real thrill was always in the informal perks of the job. Getting to know the backgrounds of my team members, their kids, their personal aspirations, the personal history of my peers in the industry, picking up some sharp one-liners from Bob and so on. But the best perk of all was being the official mixologist at our Partner Event. I truly get to know each and every one of them as individuals, their struggles and dreams as they build their own businesses and has almost always inspired me to try out some new ideas.

This year, keeping in mind that it was going to be a cooler day than last year, the theme was Old Fashioned. And we tipped our hats to our team mates in Lexington, Atlanta and Sheboygan by having three varieties of Old Fashioned with – Bourbon (Kentucky), Southern Comfort (South) and Brandy (if you did not know, this is the prevailing Wisconsin style of making an Old Fashioned).

How many times does one get to put one’s personal passion and professional passion together? Thank you Quantum Spatial and all the team mates from QSI for letting me sign off in a passionate way!!

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  1. By Catherine Michel on

    Rajib, I think you should set up an executive search company! Your ability to meet, interview, remember and help people is quite UNIQUE. You would have great success! 🙂 just my two cents ….

  2. By Suzanne McBride on

    That sounds like a great deal of fun! Next time we get together, I’m going to have to let you mix me a drink. And since I drink so rarely, that is going to be a real adventure for both of us!

  3. By Avinash Misra on

    Rajib congrats on your journey so far. I’ve always been a fan of your posts and draw inspiration from many things that you do – particularly the almost “spiritual ” things you do with “spirits”. I wish you the best for all that is next. If you are ever in Dallas / Plano Tx it will be a pleasure to meet you. Pl give me a shout.

  4. By Geeta Bhandari on

    You always had an accelerated growth Rajib. A differentiator in the true sense! Congratulations and wishes for yet a fulfilling journey ahead!!


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