18 August 2017

Starting new intersection points … the security guard

Any travel for me is not always about re-connecting with old connections. Sometimes it is about making new connections too! All intersection points have to start somewhere…

I was seeing off my brother at the ITC Sonar hotel in Kolkata where I was going to stay for the night to catch a very early morning flight. After he left, I was walking back the steps when a familiar face smiled at me. I smiled back like every time. I have seen this security guard / usherer for as long as I can remember in this hotel.

Unlike this time, I stopped and chatted with him and got to know about this background. Mr. Prabir is her name. He has been working in the same hotel as a security person / usherer for over two decades. What I did not realize is that before this, he was in the army for another two decades. And for family reasons, he had to find alternate jobs (to stay close to his family).

Obviously he got busy with other guests – but I am glad I spent ten minutes getting to know him. Next trip onwards, I hope to get to know him as a person even more..

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  1. By Kang Lu on

    Rajib Roy, your ability to maintain and establish these intersections across all walks of life is an inspiration. The world would be in a much better place if all of us can learn from you and just get along with others, no matter who they are. Bravo!

  2. By Mike Schoeffler on

    Rajib – always enjoy reading these. Love your connections, ability to make new friends, and writing skill. A lot to aspire to.

    But one thing I don’t get. How many faces / names do you know? My brain doesn’t seem to work that way.

  3. By Rajib Roy on

    In spite of seemingly always being in a plane (including just right now), you think I am “down to earth”? ha ha 🙂

  4. By Achintya Ghosh on

    Rajib Roy might be flying although the life but meeting ordinary common people on earth with a humane face defies all flying!!!!


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