15 August 2017

“Noyontara” flower in my father-in-law’s garden…

Taken with an iPhone at less than 6 cm distance…

Posted August 15, 2017 by Rajib Roy in category "Images", "Vacations


  1. By Rajib Roy on

    Catherine, if you ever come to Atlanta, remind me to introduce you to an amazing photographer friend of mine called Samaresh. I have learnt from him a lot about how to exploit the functionality of iPhone cameras. I do not consider myself a great photographer (much to Samaresh’s dismay, I still use Auto modes half the time) but I do spend some time thinking how to compose or frame a picture… sometimes, they come out well.

    In this picture, I was lucky that there were those water drops on the flower and I took the phone as close as I could take before it started becoming blurry. Then used Samaresh’s trick to control the light and darkness.


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