8 August 2017

“You call that running?”

During the 5 mile run in Alpharetta Greenway, I came across this deer who refused to be scared by human beings. I was running with my head down. At one point, I look up and there it was – staring at me. Normally, a few steps later as I approach towards them, they run away. But this one just kept looking at me – perhaps laughing at my pathetic speed.

I knew if I stopped to take a picture, she would bolt. So, awkwardly, I fished the phone out of my pocket while running at the same time and then looking back took a couple of quick snapshots. The picture quality, as a result, was nothing to write home about. I am still marveling at how fearless (or trusting) the deer was.

Posted August 8, 2017 by Rajib Roy in category "Running


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